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The head of the family Great Peer marries Amna who becomes pregnant but her child is killed.

He marries Naseem who is incapable and finally he marries Bari Sarkar who gives birth to a boy Shahaab while Amna and Naseem are treated as Living Deadbodies wearing only a white suit. The same is going to happen with him but he hates this principle.

The show was also selected to run on Indian Channel Zindagi and was aired from Mon-Sat pm under the name "Pyar Ka Haq" before it was renamed as "Bandini" but this decision was later changed.

Fatima supports Bari Sarkar which makes Sikandar angry.Bari Sarkar says that she will take her to a doctor.But Amna warns Maira by saying what had happened with her. While Naseem says to Amna that you have taken advantage of this situation but Amna says that she has done right.She hears that Fatima has insulted Shahaab and is happy.She feels dejected as she had loved her more than anyone and she betrayed her by saying that no one has come to pick her up.

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