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The original estate included over half the area that is now Massapequa, as well as other property onthe South Shore.

After the Revolution, the fact that the Joneses had been Tories prevented them from owning land, said Arlene Goodenough, the president of the Massapequa Historical Society.

She said houses are generally available, although waterfront property is increasingly difficult to find.

In recent months, houses remain on the market no more than about three months, she said.

ON summer evenings, a community orchestra holds concerts in the high school auditorium or outdoors in the John J. The public library sponsors children's puppet shows, as well as lectures and bus trips to cultural events in New York City for adults. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church said the community is nicknamed ''matzoh-pizza'' because of its large Jewish and Italian communities.

The family tradition of Massapequa dates to the inception of the town itself.

John Townsend, a real-estate speculator from Rhode Island, bought the land from the Marsapeaque Indians and gave the land tract to his daughter when she married Thomas Jones in 1690.

One daughter, however, married a scion of the politically acceptable Floyd family and her son, William Floyd-Jones, inherited his grandfather's estate.

The Floyd-Jones family cemetery is still visible behind Massapequa's newly restored Old Grace Church.

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