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The esoteric closing moments shouldn't detract from the heart-stopping thrills. In addition to the Emmy-winning miniseries, this seven-hour documentary used interviews and fascinating archival footage to brilliantly illustrate how the onetime football star devolved into a controversial murder defendant and incarcerated senior citizen. This ESPN-produced pick, which aired on ABC in June, counts as a movie because it was initially released in theaters. Moonlight In Act 1 of this moving indie, an introverted black boy in Miami named Chiron copes with his drug-addled mom (Naomie Harris) and finds a loving father figure (Mahershala Ali).Special shout-out to Michael Shannon as a crusty sheriff who looks and acts straight out of the old Marlboro Man ads. Hell or High Water The dog days of summer produced exactly one high-quality movie. In the heart of Texas, two brothers (Chris Pine and Ben Foster) rob a string of local banks as a means of post-recession-era payback — and refuse to stop even after a ranger (Jeff Bridges) wises up to them. J.: Made in America As if 2016 weren't bizarro enough, this was the year of the O. It's also exhibit A as to how race, class and celebrity have the power to affect us all. In Act 2, he tentatively kisses his male best friend on a silent beach.(This had only happened two of the twelve years before that.) It’s difficult to say exactly what accounts for this.It’s possible that the movies aren’t actually getting that much better, but critics are less likely to disagree with one another.Instead of a maximum of five movies in the Best Picture category, it now allows as many as ten.The Academy has always had a preference for popular movies, but this change has allowed some great, low-grossing independent movies to get a nomination.Colin Farrell plays as far against type as he ever has in this film that lambasts both a culture that insists that people find relationships, as well as those who are happy to be alone.If this is the future, we're not sure we want to be in it, but it's definitely worth a look...

But with all due respect to the year's box office champ, let’s admit that it wasn’t quite as clever or as enthralling as the original. Simmons play just some of the heroes who gave their blood, sweat and tears during those four tense days.

Affleck's devastating performance is enormously powerful, as he cast a large shadow with every brooding step. La La Land Wanna know what pure cinematic joy looks like?

Only a masterful drama has the guts to offer up a sympathetic hero unable to redeem himself. Gaze at Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone flirtatiously singing and tap-dancing to each other in a luminous moonlit version of Los Angeles.

Not only are better movies getting nominated, but it is increasingly common for the Best Picture winner to be the movie that got the best reviews.

In five out of the past eight years, the movie with the best Metacritic rating won the Oscar.

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