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I’ll update the list with new videos after next week’s show.

The Academy round will be similar to last summer’s Junior season in that each of the All Stars will choose a contestant, in their own style of dance, to mentor. I’m assuming that will coincide with the beginning of the live shows. Founder and editor of, home of the awesomest fan community on the net.

Curtis Holland He’s a tapper, and he wants to be the fastest tapper alive. He’s been tapping since he was four, and he has no one with him to support him. Thus, we get to indulge briefly in their delusions, but don’t get so fully doused in them we feel the lingering side effects of depression and possible mental illness. Our judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and, yes, Wayne Brady. Dorian Blu Print Hector Not only is he an animator, he and Cyrus are in the same crew, Dragon House. Cyrus made it to the final round last season, but as we know, he stuck around a lot longer than maybe he should have. But Nigel is sending him to Vegas because he doesn’t give a bleep. Mary thinks her arm movements were beautiful and she’s stunning. Nigel isn’t sure it’s right for the competition, but… And then it becomes a talk about whore’s milk and horses’ milk. It’s a very pretty dance and it’s exceptionally well done. Nigel thinks she has a beautiful, tranquil quality. Wayne says, “Listen Jerry Springer audience, this isn’t ‘So You Think You Can Yell.'” Can Wayne just stay on the judges’ table?

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