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It wasn’t an opinion, said Kondratieff, it was a certainty. When you stop and think about it, that should come as no surprise. Electromagnetic waves are what let us listen to music on the radio and watch shows on television.Science has taught us, after all, that in the universe moves in waves. Is it any wonder human economies move in the same way? And, most recently, the information age which peaked with the rise of Internet stocks in 2000. The stock market crash of 1973, when the market lost 46% of its value, ushering in a long period of “stagflation”. If the K‑Wave is correct, we are now entering a period of deep recession, even depression.Then in March of 2016, terrorists killed another 31 people in Brussels, the capital of the European Union. Many of their leaders now realize the EU was a big mistake from the get-go. Because after the United States and China, Europe is Japan’s biggest trading partner.Other nations, such as Hungary and Poland, wish they’d never joined the EU in the first place. When it becomes worth than a dollar, the euro could go into free fall. The EU will break apart within a matter of weeks, or even days, from now. This is the “economic earthquake” that will send shockwaves throughout the global economy. When Japan sends cars, cameras, and computers to Europe, they expect to get paid for them.

But I’ll also reveal some stocks that could multiply your money by 300% … even 500% if you “surf” the K‑Wave safely into shore. Fifteen years ago, I met a man who changed my life forever. Although Larry and I were both experienced market analysts and traders, Larry had an ability to see the future unlike anyone I’ve ever met before, or since. Everyone thought he was crazy because America was enjoying one of its longest economic booms in history. If the name Larry Edelson sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen him interviewed in the financial press many times.

Armstrong’s cycle predicts that a major financial panic takes place every 8.6 years, or 3,141 days.

If the number 3,141 looks familiar to you, by the way, put a decimal point where the comma is and you’ll recognize it as “pi.” Which you may recall from your high-school geometry is the number that determines the diameter of a circle.

Kondratieff proved that economies act just like waves in the physical world. What Kondratieff called “The Long Wave” — which was later named “The K‑Wave” in his honor — shows the changing cycles of private and public influence in the economy. Because even governments must obey the laws of economics. According to Kondratieff, the K‑Wave has a frequency of 47 to 64 years. But you can also see the of those waves: The panic of 1819. Which could last as long as 23 years and include seismic shifts in the fabric of society.

Like radio waves, they have phases, amplitudes, and frequencies. During the private cycle, free enterprise leads to increasing growth and prosperity. Eventually, the wave reaches a crest and begins to collapse in on itself. And the most basic law is this: This is how Kondratieff knew that communism in the Soviet Union would be replaced by capitalism. And if you look back through history, you’ll see how accurate the K‑Wave is: From crest to crest, you can see the dawn of the industrial revolution. Of course, you could write this off as the hare-brained theory of one mad Russian scientist. Over the years, other economists have confirmed his theories.

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