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All 115 passengers - all Greek Cypriots and Greeks - and six crew were killed on the flight from Cyprus to Prague which is the deadliest air disaster in the history of Cyprus and Greece.

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World of Warcraft boasts 11 million accounts around the world, though certain sources claim that this includes the non-active accounts.A steward fought desperately to save the stricken plane after he found the pilot and co-pilot unconscious.But after he too was overcome, the Cyprus-based Helios Airways plane ploughed on for nearly two hours on auto-pilot before running out of fuel and crashing into a mountain 25 miles north of Athens on August 14 last year.It blames the pilots for failing to spot the warning signs that led to the tragedy in which the Boeing 737-300 airline was hit by a catastrophic loss of cabin pressure and oxygen supply.This turned the plane into a "flying tomb" at 34,000 feet as passengers were frozen to their seats by temperatures of minus 50c.

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