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Cloned from the genetic template of the famous Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, clones selected for the commando program were trained by Mandalorian drill sergeants that were recruited by Fett himself to train them to become the deadliest soldiers in the Clone Army.Often working in Squads of four, clone commandos were assigned to carry out special operations that the average clone trooper couldn't handle.Uh, y-you're hairy, and unattractive, and even women trolls are put off by your various odors. Each of you is a finger, and without the others you're useless.The remaining Republic commandos were rechristened as Imperial commandos and incorporated into a special forces unit attached to the 501st Legion, under the command of the Sith Lord Darth Vader.However, a minority of commandos refused to comply with Order 66, either out of sympathy for the Jedi or due to other personal reasons. Two characters are fighting, probably with swords or fists.They're also engaged in Witty Banter or Volleying Insults or, perhaps, having a discussion on fighting technique, the meaning of life, what they had for lunch, or why new music is so awful.

If done right, the dialogue is more memorable than the action, and will probably be quoted incessantly.Willow: Well, w-w-well, the Slayer always says a pun, or-or a witty play on words, and, I think it throws the vampires off!And, and it makes them frightened, because I'm wisecracking.The Kaminoans' efforts to breed a special forces unit resulted in a number of small, operational squads, each capable of carrying out self-contained or campaign-augmenting missions.They were also highly trained and fiercely cohesive, yet capable of carrying out a variety of mission profiles.

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