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At Monmouth University, she was the team captain her senior year, made the NEC Academic Honor Roll and the Dean's List.

In addition, La Grossa was a three-time NEC All-Conference selection, NEC Scholar/Athlete Award recipient and Female Athlete of the Year Nominee.

After graduating, she attended Temple University in Philadelphia before transferring to Monmouth University in Long Branch, New Jersey.

She played Division One Lacrosse at both universities and was a four-year starter.

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I came very close to winning 2x but still never won so I came back a 3rd time to try to win it all this time." Stephenie started Survivor: Palau with a bang when herself and Jonathan Libby jumped off the boat before any other castaway and tried swimming to win an Immunity Necklace.Stephenie continued to hold her own in challenges, being one of the more athletic members of her tribe.However, Ulong's lack of teamwork caused them to suffer an abysmal losing streak.As part of their reward, the opposing tribe, Koror, granted Ibrehem Rahman with an Immunity Necklace at the vote.Stephenie and her ally Angie Jakusz voted for Bobby Jon which forced a tie between Angie and Bobby Jon.

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