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(These are all true stories that happened to me or my friends.) 1. This would be any girl's dream -- all ten are late 20s/early 30s, cute, fit and Harvard Business School grads...except they're all playing speed pong (an even more intense version of beer pong -- yes, I had to look up what that was.) This was the big date you got ready for and analyzed outfits with your girlfriends for hours on end with and curled your hair and wore your nice perfume for. You date a guy for a while (read: hang out his apartment and watch HBO.) And one day he tells you that he's going to the gym (Equinox, of course) and that you can come along if you want. Can you be blamed for thinking through your to-do list whilst A-Rod is up? the heyday of the Cronut craze where you woke up at the crack of dawn and waited three hours in line to get one and saved it for him instead of giving it to your sister, or scalping it for ? You make out at a bar at the end of the night and exchange numbers.

You meet a guy at a bar, he texts to hang out next Friday and gives you an address. All this for the equivalent of a 30-year-old frat boy in the city. You tell him you don't have any gym clothes on you. The guy is probably more into the score of the Yankees game as well. ) And then he has a family emergency that he needs to go out of town for, but he will DEFINITELY call you when he gets back. That commute sounds completely doable, considering you don't own a car and all! You go out with a friend and meet her cute coworker. He gets up to go to the bathroom...never returns, and you never hear from him ever again.

Who would choose a date they've never met before over a work commitment? Why turn off the TV and miss the end of the game when you can have sex and listen to the score in the background? In any other city, the time you take to go on one date would otherwise be filled with an evening home alone re-watching an episode of , but in New York City, you can either go on a date with someone you've never met before and possibly have an okay time, but realistically, just call it a success if the other person isn't completely crazy, OR you could have the best night of your life with your friends and a guaranteed good time dancing and ending up eating chicken and rice at 3 a.m.

Why bother trying to end the night nicely with a girl who made it clear she won't sleep with you when you can pull an exit and just ignore her and never speak to her again? We're going to have to wade through so many assholes no matter what, so you might as well just try to go through them as quickly as possible. Who wouldn't choose the guaranteed good time and try to ask your date to meet you at some bar at one point in the night and integrate them in and have it all? You're young, you're smart, you're good looking and you have a great job with great pay.

I really became a cheerleader for their relationship.' Not enough of a cheerleader to include her name - the Post reports that she wished to remain anonymous as she did not 'want my doormen knowing I read this book'. Patricia Bostelman, vice president of marketing at Barnes & Noble told the Post that the book's U.

A 47-year-old unnamed divorcee told the newspaper: 'I didn’t think it was a great book as far as writing goes ...

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Emily, 25, who does marketing for a media company and asked that her last name be withheld for professional reasons, says she’s already seen pickup lines from guys looking for someone to “cuddle with.” “Everyone’s going to flock to the dating apps this weekend,” she says.

'I found myself explaining what BDSM was to some of the moms at Saturday morning basketball.'Having started posting BDSM fiction online, author EL James piqued the interest of small Australian publisher, The Writers' Coffee Shop, who took a leap of faith by publishing Fifty Shades of Grey in May 2011, followed by Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, on sale since January.

Mr Grey, a 27-year-old billionaire, seduces young graduate, Anastasia Steele.

Men are 15 percent more likely to want a relationship in the winter than in other seasons, and women are 5 percent more likely.

Publicist Alison Brod told the newspaper that the novel is 'the new Kabbalah for female bonding in this city' - and is spreading its X-rated charms.

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