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We are working for people-centred responses to the current crises …with priority for poor, excluded and marginalised people. more democratic and accountable institutions must be in place to assure that processes and measures will lead to a just, equal and sustainable world based on respect for gender equality and the promotion and protection of human, economic and socio-cultural rights and environmental security.“ Participatory Democracy, Gender Equality and Minority Rights are fundamental to taking our agendas forward.At AEPF11 we hope to be able to hear from women and representatives of minorities, of migrants and refugees, on how they have been able to work for more participatory democracies, to work for gender equality and to make minority rights a reality.We hope to hear about the challenges that people and their organisations have faced, the strategies and practices that they have taken forward in response and their plans and visions for the future. PHASE ONE: THE PROBLEM (GENERAL CONTEXT & ANALYSIS) 3.Our current democratic practice has not closed the gaps and divisions between peoples and groups but increased them.To build more socially and economically equal societies we need to build democracies and processes of political and economic governance that are able to contribute to this.BACKGROUND Our AEPF10 Final Declaration stated that “Our governments have the responsibility to ensure that we can all live in peace, security and dignity…

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CONCEPT NOTE Asia-Europe People’s Forum 11 Participatory Democracy, Gender Equality and Minority Rights Foundations for Equitable and inclusive societies Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 4-6 July 2016 1.북미지역에서는 2015년 9월부터 시작된 이 서비스(모바일 오더&페이)는 지도에서 가까운 매장을 선택한 고객은 원하는 커피와 음식을 주문하고 ,제품이 나올 시간에 맞춰 매장을 방문해 음료를 즐길 수 있는 간편한 서비스입니다.그러나 지난주 발표된 스타벅스의 2016년도 4분기 수익결산 발표자료에서 앞서 살펴본 문제점이 현실로 드러났습니다.How can these proposed or actualised changes be collectively effected, expanded, or replicated elsewhere? PHASE THREE: STRATEGISING & PLANNING Factoring in lessons learnt, what ways are already being done in Asia and Europe, North and South, can we adopt or improve on?What strategies and actions can be developed -- across regional, inter-regional, and international levels -- that contribute to the necessary change?

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