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Before this the Germanic tribes had been continually at variance; no tie bound them together; even the common language failed to produce unity.

On the other hand, the so-called Lautverschiebung , or shifting of the consonants, in German, separated the North and South Germans.

By them the world-embracing empire of Rome was overthrown and the way prepared for the national principle.

It was not until after the fall of the Western Empire that a great Frankish kingdom became possible and the Franks, no longer held in check by the Roman Empire, were able to draw together the tribes of the old Teutonic stock and to lay the foundation of a German empire.

By the end of the ninth century the feudal system had bound together the greater part of the population.

With this culture the Church was to endow the Germans.

Moreover it was to bring them a great fund of new moral conceptions and principles, much increase in knowledge, and skill in art and handicrafts.

The commanders of these military colonies gradually became administrative functionaries, and the colonies themselves grew into peaceful agricultural village communities.

For a long time political expressions, such as Hundreds , recalled the original military character of the people.

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