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Please make sure that your personal details on the reverse side of the certificate are all correct, then take the certificate to the RMS Service Centre along with 100 points of ID (see the reverse side of your interim certificate for what contributes to 100 points) to apply for the card.Note that there is NO fee to apply for the card, as it has been included in the course fee.It can take three weeks to receive your card once you apply. You will need to re-sit for the course to renew your certification. Whether you’re a staff member or an employer, you’ll be fined if you work without a competency card, interim certificate, or valid paper certificate (outside precinct areas) or you allow employees to work without one.Fines range from to 0 for each individual offence.

Click here to access more information about Qld RSG from the Qld OLGR website.Please note that if you have not yet obtained the competency card after the 90th day, it does not mean that your interim certificate has expired, you just simply cannot use it for work and have to immediately apply for the card.We advise you to apply for your competency card as soon as possible.On completion of your NSW RCG course you will be emailed an Interim Certificate.You can work with this Interim Certificate for 90 days until you need to have a competency card.

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