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Insiders say that even the US treasury secretary, Henry Paulson, is convinced that Mr Wolfowitz should resign because his behaviour would not have been appropriate in a multinational business.Since the Enron scandal, companies trading in America have been forced to comply with legislation that imposes rules of disclosure and governance on bosses.ANNOUNCER: Tonight on FRONTLINE, the inside story of why the president of the United States seems so determined to go to war with Iraq. They will vie for the command-in-chief's attention and his approval.

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A senior bank source told The Sunday Telegraph: "It's a huge sum.We shouldn't have to be paying to protect him." A former senior employee added: "When his predecessor, Jim Wolfensohn, went on foreign trips, even to the Middle East, he was invariably met by the local country office driver, who would pick him up in a battered Volvo.Now, everywhere Wolfowitz goes he has to be accompanied by personal protection people."Internal critics say that Mr Wolfowitz's appointment has endangered the security of other bank staff. "His mere presence puts other people at risk."Mr Wolfowitz's decision to open an office in Iraq is also blamed for inflating the security bill.So I know them pretty well.” More troubling than Wolfowitz’s strong ties to Mc Master and Mattis is his ongoing private email correspondence with both officials, a move which Glasser noted was done “in hopes they will pursue a U. strategy of stepped-up engagement in the Middle East.” While Wolfowitz sought to downplay his communication with Mc Master and Mattis by stating that he not had face-to-face “direct” contact with them since they assumed their posts, email correspondence is often the medium of choice for those who guide U. foreign policy from the shadows, as evidenced by private email correspondence between controversial financier George Soros and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton among other examples.Trump’s recent foreign policy reversal certainly seems to suggest the influence of Wolfowitz. S.’ recent deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system to South Korea, which China says threatens “regional stability.” One of the most potentially troubling aspects of Wolfowitz’s connection to Mattis is the fact that Mattis was recently granted “freedom of initiative” by Trump – essentially giving the Pentagon free reign to launch strikes and bombings without presidential or congressional approval.

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