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Point de vue, point d'écoute (Lectures) 2012 • Avec Jean-Pierre Bonnardot, Claire Chesnier, Richard Conte, Mojgan Erfani, Agnès Foiret, Anne Gavarret, Farah Khelil, Marielle Moreaux, Sophie Noguet, Benjamin Sabatier, Yann Toma, Véronique Verstraete & Frédéric Kahn, Raphaël Vincenot.

As 1.5 million American citizens were told a ballistic missile was headed their way and to seek shelter immediately, @real Donald Trump was somewhere on the back nine of his Florida golf course. After an emergency mtng today @UN, Africa group says it “is extremely appalled at...outrageous & xenophobic remarks” attributed to Trump & “demands a retraction and an apology.” pic.twitter.com/5Kkdwpp Uz L In one year Trump has managed to normalize profanity, serial adultery, racism, sexual assault, pedophilia and treason. @Betsy De Vos ED is the sister of a major government contractor.

Upon arrival, however, the wet-behind-the-ears nerd discovers that his golden ticket is no luxury perk: Rather, he’s been recruited to participate in a cloistered research experiment, testing the limits and limitations of Nathan’s stunningly advanced new developments in AI technology.

The boss’ most recent breakthrough takes the form of Ava (Vikander), a female-gendered robot whose expressive, peach-soft facial features belie her transparent synthetic form and complex exposed wiring.

A worthy companion piece to “Under the Skin” and “Her” in its examination of what constitutes human and feminine identity — and whether those two concepts need always overlap — Garland’s long-anticipated directorial debut synthesizes a dizzy range of the writer’s philosophical preoccupations into a sleek, spare chamber piece: Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” redreamed as a 21st-century battle of the sexes.

Exquisitely designed and electrically performed by Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson and particularly Oscar Isaac, this uncomplicated but subtly challenging film requires strong word of mouth from its January U. release (and its March SXSW premiere) if audiences abroad are to tap its porcelain surface.

Need to give people hope when they’re down especially with the punishment is way too severe for the crime cuz of minimum mandatory sentences twitter.com/kylegriffin1/s… Just looking at his old physician and knowing his new one (who also cared for @Barack Obama), I’m guessing that @POTUS will benefit from government-run health care!

pic.twitter.com/j PF2a Zb STf I cannot say this enough times.

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MORE Projects - 6-8, rue des Entrepôts 93400 St Ouen Cyril Aboucaya, Camila Farina, Lamarche-Ovize, Mar Garcia Albert, Bayrol Jimenez, Lauren Coullard, Davide Bertocchi, Loïc Blairon, Pepo Salazar, Jérémie Paul, Xavier Antin, Julien Sirjacq, Delphine Trouche, Grégoire Perrier, Davide Cascio, Pauline Stork, Camille Cottier, Remi Voche, Magda Gerbhard, Lucille Ulrich, Farah Khelil, Hugo Deniau, Kate Fichard, Laurent Isnard, Thomas Couderc, Laura Gozlan, Allison Blumenthal, Lorraine Châteaux, Mimosa Echard, Valentina Traïanova, Élodie Seguin, Loïc Pantaly, Marion Catusse, Julien Carreyn, Clovis Petit, Yann Tomaszewski, Bénédicte Thoraval , Sergio Verastegui , Julie Sas , Guillaume Durrieu, Damien Guggenheim, Wagner Morales, Benjamin Blaquart, Thomas Benard, Émilie Marc, Jérémie Grandsenne, Sarah Garbarg, Juan Perez Agirregoikoa, Beatriz Toledo, Sara Favriau, Gabriela Kraviez • Co-commissariat : Fatma Cheffi & Marion Zilio Avec : Imen Bahri, Minhee Kim, Farah Khelil, Amélie Labourdette, Dominique Leroy, Souad Mani, Wilfried Nail, Pascale Rémita, Ali Tnani, Benoit Travers, Haythem Zakaria.

Joe Arpaio belongs in prison, not the United States Senate - RT if you agree. He once described a jail he ran as a "concentration camp." pic.twitter.com/cd Uwy8za I8 Here is my full #Axe FIles podcast convo with @Condoleezza Rice, including additional material we couldn’t include on tonight’s @CNN broadcast. pic.twitter.com/mcut YOq2ZG HAPPENING NOW: Trump restaurant, hotel and other properties receiving avalanche of 1-star "shithole" reviews on Yelp and other public websites.

#The Resistance #FBR #Saturday Morning @docrocktex26 pic.twitter.com/OROp Jhke Vr "#Trump is destroying a national treasure." Yes, the Federal government--"tax collectors who do their jobs without a hint of corruption, public-health workers who speed to gathering epidemics--is a national asset Trump is wrecking.

à B'chira Art Center, Tunis Farah Khelil, curated by Jeremy Cooper at Handel Street Projects, 14 Florence Street, London Nada Alavanja, Eleanor Antin, Marijke Appelman, Anna Banana, Mrdjan Bajic, Vittore Baroni, David Batchelor, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Steve Butcher, Tom Butler, Filippo Caramazza, Vuk Cosic, Martin Creed, Amelia Critchlow, Simon Cutts, Toni Davey, Richard Deacon, Jeremy Deller, Braco Dimitrijevic, Daniel Eatock, Tracey Emin, Ruth Ewan, Nicolas Feldmeyer, Mary Anne Francis, Ryan Gander, Cristina Garrido, Dan Griffiths, Jeff Gibbons, Lothar Goetz, Markus Hansen, Gabriel Hartley, Tony Hayward, Geoffrey Hendricks, Lucy Heyward, Susan Hiller, David Horvitz, Peter Kennard & Cat Phillipps, Farah Khelil, Helen Knight, Alison Knowles, Joseph Lammirato, Eva Leitolf, Rebecca Loweth, Tahir Lusic, Sara Mac Killop, Vlado Martek, Imi Maufe, Gabriele Di Matteo, Jeff Mc Millan, Jonathan Monk, Simon Morley, Humphrey Ocean, Mark Pawson, John Plowman, Dan Rees, Frances Richardson, Molly Rooke, Lada & Saso Sedlacek, Corinne Schneider, Bob and Roberta Smith, Sarah Staton, Peter Sylveire, Rasa Todosijevic, Jelena Tomasevic, Zoran Popovic, Slaven Tolj, Erica Van Horn, Jessica Voorsanger, David Ward, Russell Weekes, Alison Wilding, Gerard Williams, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Duncan Wooldridge credit FXP Photography The British Museum has recently received, as a gift from Jeremy Cooper, seven hundred art-historically significant and aesthetically progressive artists' postcards from 1960 to the present day, to be presented in a substantial exhibition and catalogue provisionally titled au Palais Abdellia à La Marsa, Tunis Avec Daniel Canogar, Mark Fell, Farah Khelil, Hejer Chalbi & Nicolas Pfeiffer, Mike Latona & Jozef De Leeuw, Fabio Perletta & Giustino Di Gregorio, Gaëtan Robillart, Scénocosme, Candas Sisman, Ali Tnani, Visualizing Impact, Haythem Zakaria, Arthur Zerktouni Vues de l'expostion • au Château de Servières, Marseille Avec Filomena Borecka, Anaïs de Chabaneix, Charlotte Charbonnel, Claire Chesnier, Aurélie Herbet, Michaël Jourdet, Farah Khelil, Atsunobu Kohira, Jérôme Pierre, Magali Sanheira, Frédéric Kahn & Véronique Verstraete, Bill van Cutten Commissariat : Jeune Création, Françoise Docquiert & Richard Conte Dans le cadre de Marseille-Provence 2013 – Capitale européenne de la culture à la Galerie Immanence, Paris.

Avec Nancy Barton, Jérémie Bennequin, Yves Chaudouët, Michael Cohen, Eric Doeringer, Sirine Fattouh, Alexandre Faugeras, Nicolas Frespech, Jazon Frings, Ciprian Homorodean, Charlotte Hubert, Internationale Situationniste, Farah Khelil, Stéphane Lecomte, Antoine Lefebvre, Auguste Legrand, Emeric Lhuisset, Philippe Mairesse, Stéphane Mallarmé... Avec Mohssin Harraki, Katia Kameli, Farah Khelil, Grace Ndiritu, Otobong Nkanga, Catherine Poncin, Karim Rafi, Andrea Stultiens, Achraf Touloub, James Webb.

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